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Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide


Who Will Save Sandpoint?

This invaluable resource for Pathfinder’s first Adventure Path reveals how best to customize your character so that he’ll fit into the realm of Varisia with ease. Inside this guide you’ll find:

  • An introduction to Varisia, the frontier region that serves as the setting for Rise of the Runelords, and a brief exploration of your PCs’ new hometown of Sandpoint.
  • Notes on how humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and half-orcs exist in Varisia.
  • Details on what roles each character class can expect to fill in Rise of the Runelords, including suggestions for animal companions and familiars, favored enemies, character backgrounds, and more.
  • Domains and more for twenty new deities comprising the core pantheon of the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting.
  • New weapons, armor, and equipment.
  • New feats to give your PCs a distinct Varisian feel.
  • Full-color maps of Varisia and Sandpoint.
Manufacturer: Paizo Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 9000
Dragons Trove ID: 3610
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781601250599
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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