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Everquest: Realms of Norrath - Everfrost Peak


Even if you survive the cold...

No end of dangers lurk in the Everfrost Peaks. From the gnolls of Blackburrow or the ice giants commanded by Lady Vox to the Arch-Necromancer Miragul and his menagerie of deathly creations, there is far more than the arctic air that can end the life of an intrepid adventurer.

This second book in the Realms of Norrath series introduces the dungeon of the lich Miragul to the world of EverQuest. Detailed looks at Miragul's Menagerie, Permafrost Keep, and Blackburrow provide EverQuest Role-Playing Game players with all they need to explore these three dungeons in all new ways and to encounter a host of new monsters and magic items. This book also provides details on the culture and capital city of the barbarian race, as well as notes and encounters for adventuring on the tundra.

100% compatible with 3rd edition fantasy role-playing rules

Drop the Everfrost setting into your EverQuest Role-Playing Game campaign or into any 3rd edition fantasy role-playing campaign.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781588461315
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