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Raw Recruits


Join the crew of the Evarstanza, a massive carrier converted to be the ultimate exploring vessel, and seek adventure. Raw Recruits is the first in our licensed Dragonstar adventure series and is designed to take four to six player characters from first to fourth level.In this campaign adventure series your characters can play the part of a newly formed unit of explorers aboard the Evarstanza. Built and commanded by the Gold Dragonkin Mercucio, the mighty ship sets out on a series of adventures in the Rimward Barrens. Strange planets, haunted factories, overrun freighters, experimental labs, pirate attacks; all of these can be found in these pages.Each of the separate key adventures and the numerous Interludes (short encounters) in this book can be played as part of the ongoing plot as part of the Evarstanza's crew or each can be broken out and run separately with no connection. The choice is up to you. Dragon Trove ID 8222

Manufacturer: Mystic Eye Games
Manufacturer SKU: 1101
Dragons Trove ID: 8222
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0971923868
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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