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Psychosis: Ship of Fools


It’s all in your head.

I blink, and when I open my eyes I’m in an unfamiliar room an unfamiliar body an unfamiliar mind. Yesterday’s memories are as clear as a photograph but one by one they all prove lies, and even my own name eludes me. Dark shapes linger at the edge of my vision. Strangers glare with menace and loathing. The whole world has turned upside down, but nobody else seems to notice.

What the hell is happening to me?

Psychosis is a unique roleplaying game in which nothing not your name, your memories, or even reality itself can be trusted. Ship of Fools contains the complete game system and an entire six to eight session campaign for four to seven players.

You’ll need a deck of Tarot cards to play Psychosis.

Manufacturer: Chameleon Eclectic
Manufacturer SKU: 021-100
Dragons Trove ID: 9692
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0962874892
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor corner wear.

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