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Planetary Adventures Vol. 1: Federation Space


Exploration is Starfleet's primary mission. Starships venture into uncharted regions of space, searching for new lifeforms and new civilizations, in the bold hope of establishing friendly relations. One week, you may be orbiting Ligon II, for delicate negotiations. The next, you might find yourself making first contact with a sentient star. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? One thing is constant no matter where your duty takes you--you're always in for an adventure. Planetary Adventures provides Narrators with five ready-to-run adventures for their Star Trek: The Next Generation series. Return to the weapon world of Minos to delve further into it's mysteries. Wander the colorful bazaars of ShirKahr on Vulcan. Or make a foray into the dangerous dark matter nebula Mar Oscura. Like the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, with this book players can visit a new planet every week. A companion volume to Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds, this book gives players a complete picture of adventuring within the Federation. Planetary Adventures includes:-Five complete adventures for Narrators to use as part of their ongoing series. -New species, technology and maps. -In "Ghosts of the Past," the Crew follows the path of the Enterprise-D, returning to Minos to explore the reason for the planet's demise. -In "On the Edge of Night," the Crew must brave the dangers of a dark matter nebula and an exploding neutron star. -"The Enemy You Know" brings the Crew to Vulcan, and into the heart of Romulan intrigue. -"The Cradle Will Fall" returns to Aldea, where the Crew must confront a challenge that threatens this legendary planet of peace. -"Red Giant" takes the Crew under the skin of a dying sun to save a doomed people.

Manufacturer: Last Unicorn Games
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781889533063
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