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Phoenix Command: Lock and Load

Clearly one of the defining military conflicts of our time, the Vietnam War pitted the military might of the USA against the willpower of the Vietnamese Communists. Political and military leaders on both sides struggled to dictate the direction of a new kind of war, a guerilla war on an immense scale. The lessons learned in Vietnam have been applied to countless battlefields. It was the soldier in the field who provided the lessons by learning them the hard way. This Scenario Pack allows players to re-create the Vietnam War as it was fought by the infantrymen of the forces involved: US Marines, US Army, South Vietnamese ARVN, ARVN Rangers, Regional Force/Popular Force, NVA Regulars, NVA Sappers, and Viet Cong Guerillas.

Lock and Load includes seven Scenarios drawn from the war: Jungle Patrol, Search and Destroy, Night Ambush, Street Fight, Fire Base Defense, Rescue Operation, and Flank Security.

Each Scenario includes a full-page map designed for easy enlargement to any size. Equipment Options allow the Scenarios to be customized with Punji Stakes, Trip Flares, Barbed Wire, Bangalore Torpedoes, Booby-Trapped Grenades, and more. Pre-Generated Troop data provides complete Combat and Weapon Data for 59 types of Combatants with 13 Weapons, allowing players to quickly set-up and play any Scenario. Included are: M1/M2 Carbine, M3 "Grease Gun", M1 Garand, BAR, M-14 and SKS Rifles, M-16 and AK-47 Assault Rifles, M-60 and RPD Machine Guns, and RPG-2, RPG-7 and M-79 Grenade Launchers.
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Games
Manufacturer SKU: 10283
Dragons Trove ID: 8251
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0945571836
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some color has pulled away along spine and upper right corner.

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