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Paths of Glory, The First World War, 1914-1918 (2022 edition)


They called it the Great War. In over four years of titanic struggle, Imperial Europe tore itself to pieces. The bloody battles fought in the trenches of the Western Front, the icy plains of Poland, the mountains of the Balkans, and the deserts of Arabia, shaped the world we know today.

Paths of Glory allows players to step into the shoes of the monarch and marshals who triumphed and blundered from 1914 to 1918. Both players will find their generalship and strategic abilities put tot he test as Path of Glory's innovative game systems let you recreate all the dramatic events of World War I.

At the heart of the design are on the Strategy Cards. Each player has his own deck of Mobilization, Limited War, and Total War Cards. Each card can be used to perform movement and combat Operations, Strategically Redeploy units, accumulate Replacements to rebuild battered Armies and Corps, or introduce dozens of historic Events.

Strategy Cards cover:

• Guns of August
• Chlorine Gas
• Mata Hari
• Flamethrowers
• Cloak & Dagger
• Landships (Tanks)
• Zeppelin Raids
• Tsar Takes Command
• Salonika
• Grand Fleet
• War in Africa
• Reichstag Truce
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