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Pathfinder #9 - Escape from Old Korvosa


Chapter 9: "Escape from Old Korvosa"by Richard Pett Old Korvosa is under quarantine, a sprawling slum contained by roadblocks and guardposts manned by remorseless Hellknights and sinister plague doctors. While the rest of Korvosa stifles under an increasingly brutal martial law, the quarantined streets of Old Korvosa descend into true bedlam. Yet the one man who may hold the truth behind the perils that have brought Korvosa to its knees is lost inside the quarantine zone. Can he be rescued from the clutches of a new menace rising in the festering pits of Old Korvosa, and what secrets does he know that could justify the bounties for his death?This volume of Pathfinder presents an in-depth exploration of the rakshasas of the world of Golarion and reveals details on one of the world's most sinister networks of assassins, the Red Mantis. 

Manufacturer: Paizo Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 9009
Dragons Trove ID: 10262
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781601250926
Condition: Near Mint
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