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Past Lives

From the Dawn of Time
For the greates heroes, death is not the end. the wisest and strongest of Garou linger on, remaining as spirits to guide their descendants in the great struggle. But when the honored dead begin to manifest in greater and greater umbers, what does that mean for the future? When the dreams of battles long past come to the present, what happens to the monsters thought defeated so long ago?
To The End of Days
An epic chronicle for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Past Lives takes the players' characters on a long and harrowing journey that stretches back into the dawn of time and climaxes in the modern world. Not only does this book provide more information of the nature of ancestor-spirits and what they have to offer, but it also grants a glimpse into the future of the Apocalypse and what is at stake. The characters have the chance to learn from the past - and to affect the future.

Past Lives includes:

* A complete chronicle, Tide and Time, which spans generations - in unexpected ways
* Detailed information on ancestor-spirits, from summoning them to being posessed by them
* The Gifts of the lost tribes - Croatan, Bunyip and White Howlers - and of the lost Changing Breeds

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