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Over the Edge 1st Edition


Devious secret agents, subtle alien invasions, ancient conspiracies, the secret of human nature, drooling psychopaths, weird science, a quick but painful death -- who knows what you may find when you play Over the Edge? For the first time, the surreal undercurrents of fiction, cinema, and television have come to roleplaying, and Over the Edge is the game that can take you where you've never been before.

  • Freeform Character Creation: Define your character the way you want to, without the limits of skill lists, random rolls, and artificial limitations. The rules favor character development over mechanics.
  • Open Setting: Anything goes on the chaotic island of Al Amarja. If it troubles your dreams, if it scares you, if you hope it isn't true, it's waiting for you Over the Edge. Players can never be sure what they're up against, who is on their side, and why.
  • Focus on the Story: Easy, open-ended mechanics allow you to spend more time developing your character and your plots, instead of crunching numbers. The GM's chapters include numerous story ideas and plenty advice for better gamemastering.
  • Easy To Get Started: Three beginning adventures introduce the GM and players to the wild world of Al Amarja and make the first sessions easy to run.
  • Play With Your Favorite System: Includes conversion notes so you can use Over the Edge as background for Bureau 13, CORPS, The DUEL System, Fringeworthy, NightLife, or To Challenge Tomorrow. The rich background can also easily commandeered for other modern game systems.

Come to Al Amarja
Where nightmares go to breed

Manufacturer: Atlas Games
Manufacturer SKU: 2000
Dragons Trove ID: 439
Type: Core Book
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Price tag on front cover.

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