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Orlanth is Dead! - Sartar Rising 2


Following close on the heels of Adventures for Orlanthi Barbarians, Orlanth is Dead! begins the Sartar Campaign with an epic conflict against the Lunar Empire. Whitewall has fallen, and all across Dragon Pass the winds have stopped. As winter deepens and spring fails to come, the rebellion begins in southern Sartar at the supernatural struggle later known as the Battle of Iceland. Despite the epic scope of this Great Event, it is not just for the demigod types, but for any hero who might attain such status! Where will you be when the Hero Wars begin?Also includes a timeline of the Sartar Campaign, secrets of Kallyr Starbrow and the many Argraths, Hero Wars statistics for eight great leaders of the rebellion, and a Clan Questionnaire to help players understand the mythology of their clan.

Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 1402
Dragons Trove ID: 8172
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781929052158
Condition: Near Mint
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