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Oriental Companion


Oriental Companion is your guide for using Rolemaster in the land of the Orient; an adventurous world, with Samurai and Ninja, Rolemaster's Orient is a hybridization of many Far Eastern cultures injected with a mix of fantasy and wonder; This book contains new Rolemaster professions, skills, powers, creatures, and items for the Orient, plus plenty more.

The Oriental Companion can be used to create a complete Oriental campaign world, or to simply add elements to your existing fantasy game. It can be used to create a tiny group of islands off the coast of Emer in Shadow World, or for a continent-spanning empire in any campaign. Whatever you decide, the Oriental Companion will provide an exciting new setting for Rolemaster players.

Inside Oriental Companion you will find:
Ten new Oriental Character Professions.
A complete listing of new Ki powers.
Guidelines for using Essence and Channeling magic in the Orient, along with new spell lists.
Descriptions for armor and weaponry of the Orient.
An Oriental Bestiary.
Plenty of new Oriental items and equipment, including new magic items.

Oriental Companion is an ideal supplement for the Nuyan Khom people of Shadow World's Emer—and the Loan Elven culture also embraces elements similar to that of the Orient.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558061750
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