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None of This Is My Fault


Three missions for High Programmers! Stay alert, trust no-one and keep your army of heavily armed bodyguards handy! Try to drag your corpulent, twisted body from the zero-gravity couch and toddle on down to the Situation Room for...

- Joy in the Morningcycle: Rimbaud-B, the greatest chef in the sector, is missing, presumed fed. The High Programmer who acquires Rimbaud-B's services will be the perfectly-sliced-melba-toast-with-caviar of ULTRAVIOLET society. The fate of not only Alpha Complex, but Rimbaud's Sylphides à la crême d'amusant chaud hang in the balance!

- The Iceman Returneth Again: You find the weirdest things in the vaults. Expired nuclear weapons, abandoned doomsday devices, mutated things with tentacles... And frozen High Programmers from the earliest days of Alpha Complex. Who wants to hit the defrost button?

- When Things Were Interesting: The annual all-sector FunBall tournament is in its final stages. It's the biggest - and only - sporting event in Alpha Complex, and everyone from the lowliest INFRARED to the highest of High Programmers will be watching. Anyone for a little wager on the results?

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 6676
Dragons Trove ID: 11104
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781907218224
Condition: New
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