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Ninja Hero (revised)


The latest in the Hero Games line of genre books, Ninja Hero discusses and describes the martial arts genre for gaming, and shows how to create characters, campaigns, wondrous weapons, and other elements of martial arts films using the Hero System rules. It includes:A complete review of the martial arts genre and its five subgenres - Realistic, Cinematic, Wuxia, Video Game, and Anime - with guidelines and suggestions for simulating each part of the genre using the Hero System rules an extensive section on creating martial arts characters using the Hero System, including Package Deals for major character archetypes such as the Samurai or Chinese Knight-Errant suggested rules additions and variations for simulating martial combat in the various subgenres a comprehensive chapter on gamemastering martial arts games a detailed sourcebook including maps, five sample campaigns, nearly two dozen characters for the various subgenres, sample magic weapons, and plot seeds.Whatever type of martial arts action you prefer, Ninja Hero helps you simulate it in your games! 

Manufacturer: Hero Games
Manufacturer SKU: 400
Dragons Trove ID: 3897
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 97815836600589
Condition: Near Mint
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