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Night's Black Agents RPG: The Zalozhniy Quartet

The Zalozhniy Quartet is a series of four linked adventures from acclaimed RPG writer Gareth Hanrahan, and designed by Night's Black Agents creator Kenneth Hite. This operation is a Bourne-style "run and gun." It starts off as a conventional investigation, but rapidly becomes a lesson in why crossing the Lisky Bratva is a very bad idea. When an investigation goes wrong, the agents are pursued by Russian mafiya assassins. Their only hope of survival is to make it to the safe city of Vienna. Keep the pressure up at all times as you chase the agents across Eastern Europe. Make that red line on the map a trail of blood. The operation is divided into five smaller ops, each centred on a different city.
Manufacturer: Pelgrane Press
Manufacturer SKU: GN02
Dragons Trove ID: 11757
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781908983428
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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