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Necro-Groundhog of the Awfully Dark Graveyard of Excruciating, Arcane Death!


If you are a member of any organization that advocates the ethical treatment of kobolds, giant undead rodents, or chickens (cave or undead), please do not buy this book. We're really sick of all your letters! Play With Yourself Some More! You were awfully proud of yourself when you strode into King Torg's chamber with the baby you snatched from Tabriz. There was a big party and you were the kobold of the hour. Unfortunately, fame, like a full belly, is fleeting and soon kobolds were stealing babies from all manner of ridiculously dangerous sites; the Never-ending Strawberry Fields, Iowa Jim's Temple of Foreboding, and Bob the God's Happy Fun Park just to name a few. Most of the kobolds who set out after these babies are never heard from again, but every once in a while one of them gets lucky . . . like what's his name, the guy who brought back that possessed baby. (Them's good eatin! Not that you know this from personal experience mind you but the look on King Torg's face when he gobbled it down was unmistakable!) OR SO YOU THOUGHT! Unfortunately, possessed babies are . . . well . . . possessed and there's a certain demon that's giving King Torg quite a toothache. Now it's up to you to find the only thing that can save him - The Toothpick of Exorcism!

Manufacturer: 9th Level Games
Manufacturer SKU: 9011
Dragons Trove ID: 5429
Type: Module
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some cover fading.

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