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Monsters and Other Childish Things


Have you ever secretly wanted to be best friends with a magical unicorn? His name would be Dewdrop, and he would talk to you with his thoughts, and he would carry you on his back away from bullies and parents and kids who don't get you, and you'd have such wonderful adventures!This game is pretty much like that. Except well, Dewdrop is a little scary. In fact, if you drew what Dewdrop really looks like on your Trapper Keeper, they would send you to the principal's office, then to the school counselor, and then perhaps to a place with a name like Morning Meadows Home for Disturbed and Psychotic Youth.Welcome to Monsters and Other Childish Things, a funny, frightening, action-packed roleplaying game about kids and the people who matter to them most their friends, family and loved ones.And their horrifying pet monsters.

Manufacturer: Arc Dream Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 3000
Dragons Trove ID: 10265
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9727782760
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Note, the edges of the cover have some wear from storage, but this is typical of the print run, and it has never been read.

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