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Monster Colisium


This book describes the coliseums and gladiators of Roman times and how they can be presented in RuneQuest terms.

The 'arena of death' has been a staple of fantasy fiction and roleplaying for as long as these genres have been in existence; now the RuneQuest gamemaster has everything he needs to expose his players to the rigors of gladiatorial combat. And layers can use this book's system and information, as well as some of the encounters in the Monster book in order to create their own solo adventures.


Coliseum Book
Monster Book
Play Aids
Chariot Track Sections (5mm scale)
Range Stick
Coliseum Floorplan (15mm scale)

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: 8573
Dragons Trove ID: 1112A
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 045708085737
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Nice and clean, complete.

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