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Minas Ithil


Fountains and gardens line the broad avenues of Minas Ithel - the marble city where poets, scholars, and artists rival the craftsmen, shopkeepers, and clerks in both numbers and influence. Admired by all Gondorians as the pinnacle of beauty and wisdom, Minas Ithel was founded in the Second Age. She has weathered the centuries well, but the Great Plague tarnished the image of perfection. Her back streets are rutted and dirty, and thieves lurk in their deepening shadows. Yet the lofty spire of the Tower of the Moon still brings hope and pride to Ithiliean hearts, reminding all of its Seeing-stone, the source of the city's spirit. MINAS ITHIL features: * HUGE 34" x 22" FULL-COLOR MAP in two parts, depicting the city of Minas Ithil.* 30 PAGES OF FLOOR PLANS, layouts, and perspectives.* DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of the key structures and sites of Minas Ithil, including the inspiring Tower of the Moon and the fabulous guard-fortress Tirithos, as well as many lesser buildings such as taverns, residences, shops, and adventure locations.* 3 CHALLENGING ADVENTURES in the City of the Rising Moon, including a bureaucratic wrangle with the guardians of the palantír, a murderous mystery in the Quarter of Wells, and a hypnotic encounter with the insidious Spider Cult.* IN-DEPTH INFORMATION on the politics, trade, military, history, and culture of Minas Ithil.* STATS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION for the city's prominent leaders, including Queen Mírien of Gondor, the Stone-warden, and the Steward.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 8302
Dragons Trove ID: 6498
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558061439
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some scuffing to cover. Price tag on front cover. Both poster maps are missing.

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