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Midnight's Blood


Midnight's Blood contains the combined tales of two adventures shrouded in dark pacts of blood-sorcery. The "M" series presents Legend of the Five Rings fans with adventures concerning curses, ghosts, and dangerous magic, where a samurai's ability to understand the mystic nature of Rokugan may be more valuable than his steel.

First, in "Plague Upon Your Lands", a strange sickness infests the lands of the Phoenxi, killing heimen and samurai alike. The sun hides her face, fearful to look upon the sick and dying that pour through the gates of Kyuden Isawa. Tales of maho -blood magic- whisper in the air, even as bloody corpses stain Phoenix fields.

"The Lost Sword of Doji Yasurugi" is a story of vengeful yorei, ghosts of sea-lost sailors, whose honor has been destroyed by an unwelcome fate. With the appearance of walking dead in Mantis seas, the legend of a cursed nemuranai has resurfaced. A ronin, dishonored and forsaken, may hold the secret to discovering the final fate of one of the Crane Clan's most valued artifacts.

  • Suitable for 3-6 low to mid-level (ranks 1-3) player characters.
  • Filled with sorcery and suspense, Midnight's Blood can be used independently or as part of an ongoing campaign.
  • Requires a copy of the Legend of the Five Rings basic rules.
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
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Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 729220400055
Condition: Near Mint
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