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Menglana Kingdom Module

MENGLANA: A once great kingdom now in decline and under pressure from both the rising power of Ibanvaal and the piratical realm of Rogna.The aging king stubbornly clings to power and there is growing civil unrest among the clans. Includes a full color atlas map of the kingdoms heartland, and a color plate of heraldry of the Menglanan great clans.

Vulenheim: The only walled town in Menglana is a major trading center and a power base of warring royal factions. Merchants travel from here to the furthest reaches of western Lythia. Includes a full color map of the settlement and interior plans.

Pelyn: The royal stronghold of the Stahlers, rulers of Menglana. Pelyn is a dangerous place for lukewarm supporters of the throne. Includes a full color site map and interior plans for the great hall of the king.

Froyaheim: A heavily garrisoned stronghold near the Ibanvall border held by the Storzars, arch-rivals of the royal clan. An atack from Ibanvaal is expected in the coming year. Includes a full-color map of the settlement and interior plans.

Lokis: A tiny independent kingdom on the west coast of Ivinia, most famous as the home of the Oracle of Lokis. Lokis has great religious significance to pious Sarajinians.

Kyriheim: A site sacred to the Elkyri, the "wives of Sarajin", and the home of the Oracle of Lokis, Ivinia's most reliable prophet. Includes details on the cult of the Elkyri and a color map of the site.

Rogna: Less a kingdom than a murderous band of pirates, the Rognans are planning an invasion of Hutheng. The ruling clan is closely associated with the church of Agrik.

Yarili: The first human inhabitants of Ivinia are related to the Jarin of Hârn. A nomadic people, they subsist by trapping and trading.
Manufacturer: Columbia Games
Manufacturer SKU: 5102
Dragons Trove ID: 4128
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0920711197
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Some scuffing along spine. Two spots on the front cover where it looks like tape pulled away some of the color. Creases to bottom left corner of back cover.

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