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Mekton Zeta Plus (reprint)


Welcome to Mekton Zeta Plus, the preferred source for informed mecha mashers. Within these pages you will find many improvements and refinements of the basic Mekton Zeta game; these changes and additions complete the advanced version of the game. From the most comprehensive (and usable) mechanical-design system ever published to new combat rules, this book has it all. Mekton Zeta Plus is the ultimate tool for the advanced Mekton Zeta player.The heart of Mekton Zeta Plus is the Mekton Technical System, with which players and referees can build literally any mechanism they can imagine; this section includes a sample construction procedure, which takes the reader through the MTS design process step-by-step. MTS is capped off with scaling rules, which expand MTS to handle any size design, from a pocket-sized switchblade to a planet-busting battlecruiser.With the same vigor found in MTS, Mekton Zeta Plus takes the game's rules to new levels of playability. In the advanced rules section, the immeasurable powers of the mind explode into Mekton Z the psionics system not only applies to characters, but interfaces with MTS (see the ESPer lens) for an incredible new dimension in mecha combat: Psyber-Psychic Mecha Conflict! Other new rules include expanded terrain explanations, new combat maneuvers and tips on how to speed play. The Advanced Rules Section ends with a discussion of how to mix Mekton Zeta with RTG's other Interlock System games, particularly Cyberpunk.

Manufacturer: R. Talsorian
Manufacturer SKU: 1402
Dragons Trove ID: 1545
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 2370009171864
Condition: New
Condition Note: Reprint.

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