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Media Front



2027. The nation's populace is fed an unending stream of propaganda and psychological sedatives via the myriad forms of electronic entertainment which permeate ISA culture. Can the Cyberevolved break the iron grip the government has on the minds of the masses? Tune in and find out ...

This seocnd of the Documents of the Revolution series takes the CyberRevolution onto the airwaves as the tools of the Media in 2027 are brought to bear. Radio, Television, Virtuality, and Braindance are the weapons in this duel to either free or enslave the thoughts of America. From new broadcast technology to the pirate stations that use it, MediaFront shows you the means to wage this new kind of war.

The MediaFront Sourcebook includes:

•A new Evolved type uniquely suited for this environment: the Jammer

•Two New Yogangs: The Lookers and the Taggers

•All sorts of new media-related technology and gear

•A profile of the Badass Dog, an underground TV station and the people who run it

•Guidelines for setting up your own broadcasting group

•A complete adventure set in the midst of a media campaign in which the fate of the cyberevolved may be decided!

So get ready to subvert the Machine with the glamorous Lookers, or spraypaint over government propslogs with the artistic Taggers. But you'd better do something, because the ISA is on-the-air and in-your-face!

Manufacturer: R. Talsorian
Manufacturer SKU: 3351
Dragons Trove ID: 4058
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0937279528
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Minor wear. Some spine creases and wear along spine. Brown spotting inside the covers.

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