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Maximum Tech (revised)


Rediscovered Star League technology gives the Inner Sphere a new edge on the battlefield! But new weapons require new tactics; now as never before, ingenuity counts more than tougher 'Mechs and bigger guns. Maximum Tech brings BattleTech players into this brave new2 world of warfare, where thinking on your feet can win the day.Take your BattleTech games to the max with Maximum Tech, the ultimate expansion rulebook for BattleTech players. Maximum Tech is packed with dozens of Level Three optional rules, including new weapons and equipment for Inner Sphere can Clan forces; expanded rules for vehicles and infantry; double-blind rules; revised and expanded artillery rules; and much more! This revised edition of Maximum Tech has been updated for use with the BattleTech Master Rules, Revised as well as incorporating the units presented in the Technical Readout: 3060 and Record Sheets: 3060 into the Battle Value units table.

Manufacturer: FanPro
Manufacturer SKU: 35013
Dragons Trove ID: 7535
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781932564167
Condition: New
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