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Masters of Eternal Night


"Rock, and dark, and time not passing."

I walk through darkness and a land frozen in the grip of winter.

Everywhere frigid gusts of wind send icy needles at my face. I do not even flinch anymore; the pain reminds me that I yet live. I can feel them—their alien thoughts twirling about my mind. They wish me to serve, but I will not . . . not yet.

In Masters of Eternal Night, adventurers travel across a frozen landscape to stop the deadly mind flayers in their quest to extinguish the sun. Deep in the secret heart of a snow-covered crater, the player characters must unearth an ancient alien object. Only with its powers can the PCs hope to end the illithids' bid for ultimate domination.

This module is the second in a trilogy (originating with A Darkness Gathering and concluding with Dawn of the Overmind). DMs can run this adventure by itself or link it with A Darkness Gathering and Dawn of the Overmind to form a seamless epic-length adventure spanning all three modules. The illithid trilogy supports The Illithiad, a MONSTROUS ARCANA® supplement that provides invaluable information on illithids and their vile purposes.

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 9571
Dragons Trove ID: D968
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780786912537
Condition: Near Mint
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