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Magic (DC Heroes)


In the DC Universe, Magic is uncertain, turbulent and everchanging. Magic has shaped and been shaped by history, affecting all that comes to pass in the world of DC Comics.

The Magic Sourcebook gives you the complete history of Magic in the DC Universe and Features:

  • A new system of dimensional travel that includes a detailed map, so you can get anywhere your adventures may lead,
  • Revised rules for the Sorcery power and the Occultist skill, and
  • New Rules for creating magic-base characters

Notable statistics and histories for magical characters include:
Tim Hunter, John Constantine, Mr. E, The Spectre, Sandman, every Dr. Fate, Doctor Occult, The Phantom Stranger, Princess Amethyst, Etrigan, Papa Midnite, Kid Eternity, and more.

Detailed locations include:
The Parliment of Trees, The Afterworlds, Skartaris, Arkham Asylum, and the key, magical points of the world.

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