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Lore of the Forsaken


We lie when we call them Gifts. A gift is something given freely, an act of love or friendship. We tell each other, and ourselves, that the power we pull from the Shadow was meant to be ours, that each time a spirit deigns to grant us a portion of its power then we're one step closer to salvation. It's funny. You wouldn't think we were such good liars."� Brokedown Val, Crescent MoonTHIS BOOK INCLUDES:* An exploration of werewolf spirit magic, from the ways that Gifts and rites are learned to expanded guidelines for fetish creation* An expanded treatment of the five lunar auspices, from exploration of their roles in a pack or tribe to new Gift lists to aid them in their tasks* Further exploration of the spiritual aspects of the world around the Uratha, from the lore of their most powerful totems to the practicalities of dealing with loci.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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