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Lords of the Expanse


Lifestyles of the Rich and Dangerous

Tired of mucking around on wet jungle planets? Sick of roasting on isolated desert worlds? Want a taste of the good life? Come to the Tapani sector and mix it up with the lords and ladies of the noble class. Forget dusty cantinas - yacht races, grand balls and exclusive luxury resorts are your venue now.

As a knight or baron, immerse yourself in the mighty feuds of noble houses - and uncover their secrets. Cross lightfoils with the saber rakes, tangle with the shadowy assassin cult, or join a secret society. Foil Imperial plots to undermine the sector, or help them along and reap the rewards loyalty to the Emperor brings.

Or, if sitting in the lap of luxury isn't your thing, sniff out the hidden fringe ports and cut yourself a piece of the action. Take on the powerful Mining Guild. Smuggle bootleg bacta down the Shapani Bypass or steal data from the ivory halls of Mrlsst. If you get bored, establish your own Rebel cell and rock the sector.

Manufacturer: West End Games
Manufacturer SKU: 40215
Dragons Trove ID: 10779
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 0874312973
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some box wear and minor indentation to bottom. Contents complete and in great shape.

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