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Lords of Creation: Omegakron


After the bombs dropped, civilization collapsed. Radioactive dust fell as lethal rain. The fearful warfare spewed forth a host of toxic gases and spawned incurable man-made plagues. The living battled against starvation while unburied dead hosted contagious diseases. It had been a short terrible war...the only victor was death.But a few survived. Two centuries later their descendants were still struggling to rebuild. Despite such scientific discoveries as intergalactic travel, most of the land was a howling wilderness.In the ancient city of Akron, the domed strongholds of Novos Akros had achieved high-tech status at the cost of human freedom. Some semblance of the old democracy was maintained by the university area, now known as Old Akron. Most of the ruined city was controlled by five street gangs: the Psychos, the Death Angels, the Slashers, the Mohawks and the Rattlesnakes.Intelligent, mutated animals ruled those parts of the city which had returned to primal forest. Mutant bands controlled fortified skyscrapers. Cyborgs mined the city ruins, while Androids, travelling in giant airships, carried trade across the radioactive outland.The city was anything but safe. At night, people huddled indoors, for darkness was the realm of the cannibalistic Dirges. Even in the daytime, some new horror might wander in from the wasteland.Had we arrived in this desolate world by sheer chance, or were other forces at work? And how did the cryptic message from our friend Prometheus fit in? Well, first things first. Right now we had to concentrate on survival...we could solve the puzzle later!

OMEGAKRON is a Lords of Creation adventure module for player characters with a Personal Force of 25 or less. The ideal Personal Force for characters at the start of the adventure is 19-23, but even beginning characters have a chance to survive if they are careful and lucky. The characters mysteriously appear in the city of Akron, 200 years after a nuclear holocaust. The only hope of finding their way home again lies in a cryptic vision sent to them by their friend and ally, Prometheus.

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: 8583
Dragons Trove ID: 2849
Type: Boxed Set
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some minor box indentation and wear. Minor scuffing. Nice contents.

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