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Liber Reliquarum: The Book of Relics


The Book of Relics Infernal Gadgets, Holy Relics, Artifacts Of The Gods . . . The War between Heaven and Hell has scattered countless relics of divine and infernal power throughout the world. These are not mere "magic items" to be stumbled upon in some celestial treasure trove; each is the personalized creation of an otherworldly power, to be handled with fear and trembling! The Liber Reliquarum has everything you'll need to put artifacts in your In Nomine campaign. Discourses on the nature of artifacts and their place in the In Nomine world; enhanced rules for artifact creation; over a hundred new relics . . . including those wielded by the Archangels and Demon Princes themselves; and two new adventure scenarios. Whether you need corporeal artifacts, talismans, relics, or reliquaries, from the mighty to the bizarre to the apocalyptic, you'll find them in Liber Reliquarum.

Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
Manufacturer SKU: 3310
Dragons Trove ID: 11699
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781556343452
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Light scuffing to cover.

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