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Legacy of the Ancients


Thirty thousand years before the formation of the Imperium, a massive colony ship left the Milky Way, bound for a distant galazy. Created by an ancient race, the Azyrri, the Azyr Nebula would launch a genetic Seeding experiment that would take thirty millennia to complete.... Unforseen by the Azyrri, an accident on the ship's return to the Milky Way cuts short the experiment just months before its scheduled termination. The mishap leaves the ship's passengers - two competing races - stranded together on the planet Thurzaj. The Azyrri vanish, unable to witness the fate of the craft or its cargo.... But a few bold travels encounter the Nebula on its bizarre, suspended mission. What secrets lie sealed within the Legacy of the Ancients?LEGACY OF THE ANCIENTS includes detailed descriptions of the massive colony ship Azyr Nebula, the barren planet Thurzaj, the belligerent Urygan race, and five adventures full of action and intrigue!- A Durandrium rush brings ruthless miners, willing to obtain the precious fuel at any cost. Can you protect the colonists and their priceless vessel?- A party of exploring colonists accidentally triggers a crashed pirate ship's self-destruct mechanism. Can you stop the destruct sequence or relocate the colonists before they and the ship are destroyed?- A young colonist is seized by the deadly bolb-like phlunge. can you rescue him?- Racial tensions rise to a boil. Will you remain aloof, or take sides in the impending fight for control of the Azyr Nebula?LEGACY OF THE ANCIENTS is designed for use with I.C.E.'s SPACE MASTER Science Fiction Role Playing system, but the material is easily converted for use with other systems.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 9106
Dragons Trove ID: 6782
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 1558060359
Condition: Near Mint
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