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LA6 The Rock


Perclainate Bron, an outcast Ulf, found himself without home or family. With no little skill, some clever treachery and brutal force he's gathered a small band of trolls. With them he set out building a home for himself and filling it with a new family', one that won't be so objectionable to his unsavory habits. But doing so has required he gather strange allies in stranger places and what stranger place for this towering Ulf than the small human town of Barleytown

Barleytown, straddling the forest road, has long since been abandoned by its inhabitants, most picked up and moved quite suddenly some two years gone, never to be heard from again. Only the proprietor of the Inn and Tavern remains and it is his habit to offer food and drink for free to all travelers who are kind enough to stay under his roof. But as often as not too much of anything brings too much of a bad thing and your avatars find themselves embroiled in all manner of roadside mayhem that sets them between a Rock and a hard place. The avatars must brace themselves for a hard struggle before escaping the twisted iron manacles of the Rock.

The Rock is a short scenario for use with the Lejendary Adventure Roleplaying Game system. It is designed for three or more avatars of low to moderate experience, and any party should contain at least one avatar with extraordinary abilities. It is intended to play in 2-4 hours, and is generic enough in nature to provide a diversionary adventure that may be easily incorporated into an existing campaign.

Manufacturer: Troll Lord Games
Manufacturer SKU: 3380
Dragons Trove ID: 8970
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781929474158
Condition: Near Mint
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