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Know Your Role: WWE RPG


KNOW YOUR ROLE: the World Wrestling Entertainment Role-Playing game, is an OGL role-playing game that thrusts you into the body slamming, pile driving, high-octane world of sports entertainment! You can take the role of your favorite WWE Superstar or, better yet, create your own wrestler and commence kicking butt on your quest for a championship belt. All you need are a handful of dice, a character sheet and a few friends to play the game with. Oh, and you'll need one other thing as well: ATTITUDE! Each game session of KNOW YOUR ROLE represents a single televised WWE event. As any GM knows during the course of a show, virtually anything can happen "“ backstage sneak attacks, ringside brawls, and unexpected betrayals. And of course, pulse-pounding wrestling matches!Just like in the live WWE action, nothing is static in this game. Tag Teams break up, friends become enemies, champions come and go and Superstars hone their abilities to a razor's edge.KNOW YOUR ROLE is an easy to learn game system that offers a unique take on role-playing. It's so versatile you can even have a match without a GENERAL MANAGER (GM)! So, lace up your boots, pull on your trunks and get ready to step into the squared circle for tonight's main event. It's time to kick some a$$! 128 Pages Full Color Hardcover

Manufacturer: Comic Images
Manufacturer SKU: 99110
Dragons Trove ID: 9986
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 1930950616
Condition: Near Mint
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