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Kithbook: Trolls


Truth, Honor, Justice

It is for these things that trolls stand for above all else. Silent and strong, the trolls are often looked upon as the protectors of fae kind. They serve the sidhe as warriors and knights, never questioning their place in Kithain society. Yet some say it was not always so... once it was the trolls who ruled the kingdoms of the fae, and some say they will yet again. For now the trolls continue their silent vigil - watching... waiting.

Kithbook: Troll features:

  • The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to modern day;
  • Extensive details on troll society and their many orders;
  • New Merits and flaws available only to troll characters.
Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 7050
Dragons Trove ID: 10778
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781565047259
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear.

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