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Kingdom of Halta

Lords of the Forest

The Linowan call the Haltans man-apes and jape they lie down with their pets as with their husbands and wives. Savants of the Realm claim that the Republic's inhabitants are no more than Wyld-twisted slaves of the Fair Folk. Yet, the Haltans and their beast companions live free and prosperous in the forests of the Northeast and pay no tribute to the despotic Realm. Now, at the dawn of the Age of Sorrows, the trees can no longer shelter them. Where will the Haltan nation stand in an age of warring gods and heroes?

Masters of the Beasts
Kingdom of Halta details the Haltan people, with their arboreal society, their animal companions and their endless war with the Linowan. Inside, players and Storytellers alike will discover the secrets of the Haltans' trade with the Far East, their pacts with the Fair Folk and their ancient resistance to the Realm.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781588466709
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