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Justice, Not Law


The world of Dark Champions lies before you, and it's more dark and dangerous than you imagined! Justice, Not Law is the complete sourcebook for the Dark Champions universe; just pick it up and dive right into this dramatic street-level setting. For the Game Master, JNL has all the NPCs, organizations and descriptions to create a compelling backdrop for a thousand tales of vigilante heroism. For the player, JNL offers complete background information about the gritty world (and underworld!) of the Dark Champions campaign universe. Best of all, this material comes to you from Steven Long, the talented author of Dark Champions itself!

Here's just some of the information you'll find inside: - A complete campaign city for Dark Champions - New Vigilantes - Over three dozen new villains and NPCs - New criminal organizations

Justice Not Law contains a complete description of Hudson City and information about important places around the world. You can run Hudson City as your campaign setting, or take pieces and use them in your own campaign city. This includes details about who's who in the city, along with summaries of business, politics, technology and more!

And what heroic background would be complete without bad guys? JNL has 'em: descriptions of the Russian Mafia, street gangs, Jamaican posses, Columbian drug cartels, Mexican Mafia, motorcycle gangs, terrorist organizations, and more! More than three dozen new criminals and NPCs for Dark Champions! There are groups, loners and several standard thugs, as well as extensive equipment lists. And a complete NPC listing for underworld figures in the Dark Champions campaign universe.

All of this material is designed to be fully usable within your existing Champions campaign. You can use the places, villains and scenarios as gritty, street-level additions to your Champions campaign.

Manufacturer: Hero Games
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558061941
Condition: Near Mint
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