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Jovian Chronicles (Mekton)


Strapped in to your cockpit, you impatiently wait for the launch signal. Suddenly, a surge of energy, a blast of light, and your 65-ton war machine is catapulted into the vastness of space. Skillfully, you search the silent void around you for signs of the intruder: there!

Thrusters at full power, you bring your massive railgun to bear, already dodging a hail of missiles launched by the black exo-armor. As your opponent's armored hide buckles under the multiple hits, its powerplant explodes in a blinding ball of light. the computer confirms the kill as you recognize the CEGA emblem on the attacker's wingman...

The Jovian Chronicles is a new universe sourcebook for the acclaimed Mekton II role-playing game. Greatly inspired by Japanese science-fiction animation, it is the first in a line of modules and sourcebooks that will take you beyond the confines of planet Earth to discover a solar system on the brink of war. Along the way, the players will interact with a rich cast of characters and possibly alter forever the destiny of the Jovian Confederation, if not the human race!

Manufacturer: Ianus Games
Manufacturer SKU: 01
Dragons Trove ID: 1471
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 2921573075
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear.

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