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The Awakening


Something evil stirs in the heart of the Mega City.An ancient and malevolent force that has waited, lurking in the shadows, since the dawn of time....And whilst the hard-pressed members of the Justice Department struggle with the daily flood of crime, its agents are at work in the City itself, leaving a trail of death and madness in their wake...It will lay dormant no more...for the hour has arrived... the hour of The Awakening...Ever try arresting a ghost?Think you can handle the SJS?Want to go up against the very worst the mean streets of the Mega City can throw at you?Then this book is for you!Designed for characters of 5th-7th level, The Awakening is a full-length adventure for the Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game, a blistering rollercoaster of a module that perfectly recreates the dark and manic energy of the comic strips. Boasting an all-star cast of creeps, weirdoes and murderous mutants, it will bring the pages of 2000 AD bursting into life around your gaming table.The adventure's supernatural storyline makes it a must for Psi Judges, giving them plenty to get their teeth into, especially if they possess Dimensionalist powers. More mundane types of judges will not be bored though, as the team confronts a veritable multitude of nasties, all hell-bent on causing mayhem. Add to this a brain-twisting mystery, a shadowy secret from the Justice Department's past and a troupe of lisping Brit-Cit thespians and you have an adventure that will leave judges battered, bruised and low on ammo!So come on! The Awakening is at hand...are you up to the challenge? 

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 7013
Dragons Trove ID: 9824
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1904577946
Condition: Near Mint
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