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THE PASTIn 2295, humans and Kafers first met. Kafer ships discovered a human research facility orbiting Arcturus. The humans sent radio messages to the aliens but received no reply. Then, suddenly, without warning, the Kafers left the system. Station personnel reported the alien contact to Terran officials, and, regretting the lost opportunity to establish relations, continued to study the star. Two years later, reports from the Arcturus system ceased.Early in 2298, Kafer ships swarmed into the Eta Bootis system and, driving away the human space fleet, began an attack on the Eta Bootian colony world Aurore. The aliens destroyed the world's orbital facilities and landed ground troops on the planet. Human space forces reentered the system with reinforcement from nations cooperating in the attack, and by 2299, the alien fleet was driven back. Then the humans fell back to Eta Bootis where a defensive line could be established. An uneasy silence settled on the Frontier. No one knew when the enemy might attack again. THE PRESENTIt is now 2301. The human fleet at Eta Bootis has been waiting at the alert for two years. While its leaders have bickered over protocol and jockeyed for command of the combined fleet, individual ship-crews have grown lax in performing practice exercises and routine duties.But the Kafers have been busy. The remnants of the small force that originally attacked the humans have reported back to Kafer war leaders, and the combined might of all the Kafer nations has been assigned to invade human space. Their goal is nothing short of the eradication of the human race. THE FUTUREThe survival of the human race is in jeopardy. Its fate lies not only in the hands of its armies and navies, but also in the hands of its civilian populations. In Invasion, player characters can experience the course of the Kafer assault on the French Arm, but they can also take an active part in the human defense efforts, no matter what career they have been trained in. The final fate of worlds may well depend upon their actions.Invasion describes the course of the Kafer campaign, from the initial assault on Hochbaden to the final, climactic battle at Queen Alice's Star. Along the way it treats each colony world in an individual chapter, explaining the particular effects of the invasion on that world. Both space battles and ground battles are described, with role-playing adventures and even official Star Cruiser scenarios included. With the information in this book the referee can run an entire campaign based upon the Kafer invasion.

Manufacturer: Game Designers Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: 1034
Dragons Trove ID: 4434
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0943580676
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Minor scuffing along spine, price tag on front cover. Small sticker that says "new" on front cover. Ding to lower right corner.

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