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Into the Dark


Every Known Worlds peasant and priest knows to fear the unseen powers of the Dark, the nemesis of the Empyrean Light. So why do so many adventurers seek out the unknown, unexplored regions of space, risking their lives and souls for material gain? Are they insane? Stupid? Or are they fearless foes of ignorance and superstition? Perhaps all of these things at once.Into the Dark provides five meaty dramas and numerous short adventures that pit characters against the unknown, testing their mettle in a crucible of terror or triumph - only they can choose which it will be.This book features:"Thorn Manor": An addled old noble refuses to abandon his ancestral mansion before the threat of terraforming cataclysms. Can the rumors of an ancient treasure be true? And if so, can anyone find it before the planet swallows the place?"Dark Liner": A damaged luxury liner floats helplessly past the jumpgate into the Dark Between the Stars, taking with it the only known copy of a holy scripture. Can anyone rescue the relic before the ship succumbs to forces beyond mortal ken?"Love's Labors": A love-smitten noble seeks aid in winning the hand of a beautiful lady, but he must first achieve three nigh-impossible tasks."The Ancestor's Tomb": The sins of House Li Halan's past awaken to haunt the present. Only the courageous - or foolhardy - can imprison the terror and escape the tomb alive.These tales and more are found inside this terrifying tome.Contents Include:Alustro's Journal: Ghost StoryIntroduction: Casting LightThorn ManorDark LinerLove's LaborsThe Maltese GargoyleThe Ancestor's TombShort Dramas

Manufacturer: Holistic Design
Manufacturer SKU: 247
Dragons Trove ID: 6753
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781888906288
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear to lower left corner.

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