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Implausible Deniability


Alpha Complex! Tis of thee I sing! What strange delights and wonders await in thy storied corridors?

Welcome, O Gamemaster of Above-Average Erudition and Absolutely Unquestionable And Not Even Slightly Peccable Taste, to Implausible Deniability, a three-part PARANOIA mission.

Progress marches ever onwards in Alpha Complex, under the benevolent gaze of the Computer and the threat of termination if the scientists in R&D fail to make their Brilliant Innovation Quota for this monthcycle (under such circumstances, progress would march onwards even if you broke both its legs). Sometimes, progress produces inventions of questionable utility: The Reverse Grenade, the Solar-Powered Parachute and Self-Heating Fun. On other occasions, even if the concept is sound (for values of sound that count Scrubots, Bouncy Bubble Beverage and Troubleshooters as entirely reliable success stories), there are problems with rollout and implementation.

In other words, sometimes progress trips, stumbles and falls across the corridor of history. And then that progress gets trampled into a bloody mess by the rest of the marching progress behind it.

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 50007
Dragons Trove ID: 12656
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781908460721
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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