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Imperial Lunar Handbook 1: The Lunar Empire


The Imperial Lunar Handbook, the first player's handbook for HeroQuest, provides an insider's look at the vast Lunar Empire. It gives players a look past the facade of evil and decadence and into the brilliance and liberty of the great Empire, and instructs heroes on how to live in it. The Empire is a fusion of many disparate regions, each with its own customs and magic. Over all the Red Moon shines down, and the Son of the Goddess rules.Volume 1 provides an overview of the Lunar Empire and the religion of the Red Goddess that holds it together. It contains character generation for all of the major Homelands of the Empire, as well as maps and details of two sample organizations, the Seeburn Association and Immanent Action Liberation. Future volumes will concentrate on the most important regions within the Empire, beginning with the Lunar Religion, and later including Dara Happa, Rinliddi, and Carmania. Dragon Trove ID 3563

Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 18022
Dragons Trove ID: 3563
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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