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Imperial Dossier: Urth Orthodox


The Law of Heaven
Priests of the Orthodoxy - from the ostentatious biships of the capital cities to the humble parish priests in the most poverty-stricken fiefs - are found throughout the Known Worlds. While this ruling sect of the Universal Church has gained a reputation for cunning political maneuvers, most of its priests know little of such things, being entirely too busy protecting the souls of the simple faithful. While many may spurn the Orthodoxy for its overtly political role, when tragedy strikes, it is the Orthodoxy they return to for consolation.

Includes: Theology, a primer on Church cosmology and scripture across all sects and orders.

The Imperial Dossier series examines in-depth the main factions of the Fading Suns universe. Each book serves as a primer on a single faction, commissioned by the empire for its diplomats, bureaucrats, soldiers, star-sailors, Questing Knights, and their Cohorts, with commentary from the Imperial Eye. Each book also includes a "factbook" about a topic closely related to the dossier's faction, and a rules section that includes new callings, perks, equipment, and even alien creatures.

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