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Imperial Crisis


IMPERIAL CRISIS: HOUSE DEVON IN TURMOIL Long ago, before even the Empire, there was Devon Electronics: a huge corporation dominating the microcircuitry market. It survived nuclear conflicts, the expansion of mankind into space, and the repressive Terran Federated Democracy. Devon Electronics and a handful of other Megacorporations also weathered the Wars of Integration and the consecration of the Terran Empire. However, the Corporation has changed, Devon's power has spread to encompass entire star systems. It is more than a Company: it is a Government.House Devon, ruled by Lord Yama Pythagor III Devon, now holds sway over a rich Inner Province in a feudal arrangement with the Emperor. For thousands of years Devon has thrived, but now strife internal and external threatens to undermine the power of the Family and so the very existence of the Province.This first Space Master Campaign Module details an Inner Province of the Terran Empire: House Devon, constantly under attack both openly and subversively by the rival family Colos, threatened by uprisings by Minor Clans within the House, and always on guard against pirates, smugglers, and interstellar terrorism.IMPERIAL CRISIS: House Devon in Turmoil includes:

*4 detailed adventures, complete with layouts, stats for NPC's, and rich background material

*Pages of "Chance Encounter" charts for mini-adventures

*A general history of the Terran Empire

*New weapons and supplemental rules for Space Master

*Planetary information and Two full-page color starmaps

*Plans of two new starshipsImperial Crisis is designed for use with I.C.E.'s SPACE MASTER Science-Fiction Role Playing system, but the material is easily converted for use with other systems.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 9300
Dragons Trove ID: 4403
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 091579537X
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Scuffing and lots of spine creases.

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