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Ice Daemon


For as long as the icy winds have blown across the arctic plains, it has hungered after humanity, its bite the kiss of frozen death.
Through the great ice age, the time of its greatest power, it hunted freely, its might unchallenged. But with the glaciers' disappearance, it retreated from the Earth.
Since that time, it has yearned to return, to sate its bloodlust once more. For this ancient and evil creature, the stars are right and the time is now. To stalk the Earth again and sheath the land in a glittering blanket of coldest ice, it returns.

In this folio adventure set in an ice-ravaged southern Texas (in July!), referees will find a 16-page scenario booklet, an 11" x 17" full-color map of the Ice Daemon's lair, and two full-color pages detailing four new Dark Conspiracy creatures.

Manufacturer: Game Designers Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: 2111
Dragons Trove ID: 7784
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1558781242
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Page with the monsters is loose but present. Small stain on booklet along part of spine.

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