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How the Mighty are Fallen


How the Mighty Are Fallen is an adventure designed for use with the Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed campaign setting (which is required to play this adventure). Within these pages, the final heroes of Netheril can:

    Gather the components that Karsus requires for casting his "most wondrous" spell, the only 12th-level spell ever known. He just needs a few body parts from two creatures - a gold dragon and the Tarrasque.

    Reunite lost lovers after they have been seperated by death. Nopheus's wife was killed in a magical explosion, and now he's finally saved enough money for her to be resurrected. Certainly a dead body couldn't pose a threat to a band of stalwart heroes?!

    Follow the winds of Fate to wherever Tyche delivers them. Numerous side adventure allow players to take their characters to a variety of different locations. Some heroes might want to follow the trail of the missing nether scrolls, while others might want to join the resistance and fight Karsus and the other archwizards. But only the bravest hearts can take the first step....

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 9540
Dragons Trove ID: 747
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780786905379
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor spine creases. Slight price tag mark on front cover.

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