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House of the Bull God

Driven by the War God
Created by the machinations of Ahlat, the Southern God of War, Harborhead is a nation in turmoil. A state built on conquest and blood sacrifice, it has had its warlike, expansionist tendencies and intertribal violence curtailed by the Realm’s force of arms. Its armies conquered, its people enslaved and its resources stolen to enrich the Empress’ coffers, Harborhead has suffered under the Realm’s yoke for hundreds of years.

Exploited by the Realm
Houses of the Bull God details the nation of Harborhead, a long-time satrapy of the Realm. Though subjugated by the Scarlet Empire, its Five Peoples yet harbor dreams of freedom- and of conquest. Now, with the Empress gone and the Great Houses busy preparing for civil war on the Blessed Isle, the opportunity to realize those dreams seems to be at hand. But the Realm isn’t likely to give up such a rich territory without a fight. Inside are presented the important players on both sides of this coming conflict and the War God Ahlat and his retinue, the only ones who will profit from the impending struggle regardless of its outcome.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781588466778
Condition: Near Mint
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