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5E Fantasy #18: The Horror in the Blackwood Forest

Situated on the shores of a major trade route is the town of Gullhem, a bastion of law and order in an all-too-often lawless world. Beyond the borders of this walled port town is the vast Blackwood Forest. Encompassing hundreds of square miles, this cursed land swallows whole any who dare cross its borders. It is rumored to be cursed, the home of undead and demonic horrors of every variety. After a barroom brawl, our heroes are tasked by the Baron of this community to rescue his son, Viktor, who was mysteriously kidnapped from his room overnight, with no sign of intrusion, save a mystical pointer directly at the forest. Now, the heroes find themselves facing the machinations of an evil necromancer, his legions of the undead and fanatical cultists, and a plot to overtake the entire city and spread the influence of the Negative Energy Plane across the entire world.
Manufacturer: Goodman Games
Manufacturer SKU: 55518
Dragons Trove ID: 13510
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781950783458
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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