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Heroes of the Megaverse

It is a time of fear and darkness when the rival dimensions of Hell "“ Hades and Dyval "“ clash. Their Minion War ripples across the Megaverse, brings death and suffering, and changes the destiny of countless worlds. It is at moments like this when talk about the Book of Heroes spreads. Could the legends be true? Is there a magic book that inspires and empowers new heroes when they are needed most?Heroes of the Megaverse presents the Book of Heroes and its 2,000 greatest champions of the Megaverse. This magic artifact is said to be a hero maker able to find beings with the spirit of a hero and bestow upon them incredible power to do battle against evil. Only one copy of the book is known to exist, and everyone wants to get their hands on it "“ good guys and bad (demons, Deevils, the Splugorth, the Dominators, the Kreeghor, etc.). According to legend, he who controls the Book of Heroes and wields the "Power of the Two Thousand" can rule the universe. The book has been missing for millennia. No one knows its fate or the true power contained within its List of Heroes. No one except YOU "“ the current keepers of this legendary Rune book. * The legend and magic of the Book of Heroes. * The powers of the book itself. * The ability to empower and turn worthy heroes into superhumans. * 101 detailed super abilities (not reprints from other books). * Hero Avatars, Hero Mentors, and their powers. * Quick roll creation tables and ways to turn the 2,000 named in the book into Heroes of the Megaverse . * The dangers of the Book of Heroes, and why it must never fall into the hands of any Lord of Hell. * NPC heroes and surprises. * For use with Rifts and Phase World /The Three Galaxies, as well as Heroes Unlimited , Palladium Fantasy RPG and other S.D.C. settings. Includes stats and conversions for M.D. and S.D.C. settings. * Contains the names of approximately 2,000 real life gamers who purchased the special print during Palladium's Crisis of Treachery (and other heroes). * Cover by Apollo Okamura. * Art by Mike Mumah, Mark Dudley, Nick Bradshaw and others. * Written by Kevin Siembieda. * 96 pages
Manufacturer: Palladium Books
Manufacturer SKU: 877
Dragons Trove ID: 11246
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781574571738
Condition: New
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