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Heroes Magazine Vol. 1 #6



- "History of the Lunar Empire: The Fifth (or Hone-eel's) Wane" by Greg Stafford
- "Advancing the Game: Commentary of Expanding the James Bond Rules" by Robert Kern
- "Dragon Pass: Mastering the Unique and the Strange" (RuneQuest) by Brett Murrell
- "New Skills for RuneQuest" by Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen
- "The Big Hit: A RuneQuest Scenario" by Sandy Petersen
- "Preview of Gods of Glorantha: Gloranthan Calendar" (uncredited)
- "The Land of Fonrit" (RuneQuest) by Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen
- "RuneQuestions" by the Chaosium staff
- "Nordic Magic and Madness" (RuneQuest Vikings) (uncredited)
- "The Winds of War Coriolis Style" (Dune boardgame) by Tom Snider
- "From Magic Markers to Mystic Tape" by Nick Smith
- "The Care and Feeding of Hungry Villains" by Criag Barrett
- "Simple Combat for RuneQuest" by Steve Marsh
- "A Matter of Gravity" (Lords of Creation) by William Goodson
- "Gaming My Way: Instant Cures for Campaign Crashes" by Quentin Long

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
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Dragons Trove ID: 8081
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
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